How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners (easy guide tips and tricks)

pokemon-go-guide-beginerHow to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners (easy guide tips and tricks) – Pokemon Go is an app developed by Nintendo collaborated with Niantic Lab. The rules of this game basically are very simple. You should catch Pokemon creatures then battle them with other Pokemon in Pokemon Gym. However, this new kind of game is evolved from old Pokemon game. In Pokemon Go, you can catch the creatures in the real world. That is why you need to turn on GPS of your device so you can explore every area in your real region to catch these fictional creatures.

Start the game

First of all, you need to download the game from Google Play Store for Android device and Apple Store for iPhone or iPad. The game is free apps. Once it downloaded, use Google Account to sign up. After that, you should customize your avatar as Pokemon Trainer, the gender, eyes color, hair color, clothes and your backpack.
Once you finished your avatar, you will get few options of Pokemon as a starter. Those Pokemon are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. If you pick one, the other two will disappear. Some tips for you: you can get Pikachu as your Pokemon starter if you walk away from that trio Pokemon’s about four times. After you pick one Pokemon, you will enter Pokemon Go map.

The map will show the unmarked roads like Google map and your local landmarks which is dubbed as Poke Stop where you can explore to find and catch Pokemon. When you walk around, your avatar will follow your steps. If you see rustling leaves, it means there are wild Pokemon near you. You also can see Nearby Pokemon by tap on the icon on the bottom right of your screen. Pokemon can suddenly appear on your screen too, along with tiny vibration.

Catch Pokemon

Once you see Pokemon on your screen, tap the Pokemon. This tapping will launch an AR and Pokemon will hop around the area. To catch Pokemon you have to use a Poke Ball icon at the bottom of your screen. Hold Poke Ball for a moment till the glowing ring shrinks. Then release your finger from Poke Ball to throw it to Pokemon’s head.
If you see the surrounded ring around Pokemon is green, it means you can catch it. If it is yellow, you may have a chance to catch it. But if it is red, it means you need to collect more Poke Balls or upgrade the Poke Ball power. Your friends or other people may have a chance to catch your target especially if you go to Poke Stop where there are possibilities many players coming to it. You also can use Lure Patch to lure Pokemon coming to you. Be careful to use the Lure Patch at Poke Stop since other players may use this chance to catch the same Pokemon and they may have more skills and faster than you in catching Pokemon.
Good news, you can get more Pokemon Go Coins with this method!

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